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Dyess Big Country AirFest 2019

Arrival & Departure Procedures



This year Abilene Approach/Tower will be working all arrivals outside of the Waivered Airspace time. So, no special procedures to get to the airport, just follow their instructions. Friday May 3rd, please arrive before 3pm or after 6pm due to waivered airspace and and Saturday May 4th, you must be on the ground and shut down by 11:50 am. This allows for the transfer of Airspace to the Airboss and the start of the show at noon.



Departing from AirFest ramps call either AirFest ground or AirBoss on for taxi instructions.


No radio arrivals will land at Elmdale Airpark and call Abilene Tower on 325-201-9445

  for arrival and taxi instructions.

No radio departures will coordinate with Airboss for taxi and departure instructions

  via phone 325-669-9825 or by talking to AirBoss at the AirBoss Trailer.




FREQUENCIES ATIS – 118.25 Abilene Approach – 127.2 Abilene Tower – 120.1 Abilene Ground – 121.7 AirBoss – 121.3 AirFest Ground – 121.7