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Saturday, May 4th

8:00 am  AirFest Gate Opens


8:00-12:00 noon

   Static Displays/Vendors

   Flights available on C-47/Huey/Travellaire 4000

   Security Dog Demonstrations

   Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) Demonstrations

   Remote Control Aircraft Displays


10:30   Pilot/Performer briefing in EAA Pilot’s Lounge


12:00 Noon  Opening Ceremonies – Welcome

National Anthem/Invocation/B-1B Flyover/B-52 Flyover

12:30  Airshow begins

   Ron Cain Performance

   A-26A Performance

   High Sky Group Performance

   EAA Flyby #1

   EAA Flyby #2

   EAA Flyby #3

   EAA Flyby #4

   CAF Slaton Performances (3)

   H-1 Huey Performance

   C-47 Flyby


4:00    Airshow Ends/Purchased Flights Continue


5:00   AirFest Gate Closes


(Some attendees may still be scheduled to take their flights up until 6:00 pm

Dyess Big Country AirFest 2019 Tentative Schedule (4/8/19)